Here at Chais Cepage, cash and carry calais we have got a whole host of great beers for you to enjoy. Some are home-grown, others are international imports, but they are all excellent beverages that you can drink while soaking up the last few weeks of the summer. Today, we’ve picked out six of the best (you might say a six-pack!) for you to explore on any upcoming nights out with your friends.

Strongbow cider beer in bulk - Chais Cepage - Calais beer

We’ll start with some British beer, and one of the most popular UK beers comes from Strongbow, in particular their Strongbow Cider which is currently the world’s favourite cider beverage, holding a 15% share on the global cider market and 29% of the British cider market. Sticking to our shores, we come to Guinness Original; when travellers from abroad come to the UK, this is the drink that they opt for given its high reputation, and it remains the best-selling alcoholic drink in its home country of Ireland.

Becks Bier in bulk - Chais Cepage - Calais beer

Moving overseas now, we come to Becks Bier from Germany. You may have seen this advertised during football matches, and there’s a good reason for this: it’s an excellent beer, and its parent company has been around for almost 150 years, so to say that Becks Bier is well-established would be a great understatement! Mind you, the Italian brewery Peroni have been around for even longer, having been founded way back in 1846, and a large factor in its continuing success today concerns its flagship and self-titled Peroni beer, a great option for anyone wanting to sample a piece of Italian culture.

Stella Artois beer in bulk - Chais Cepage - Calais Beer

From Belgium, we have Stella Artois. You’re bound to have seen this on TV advertisements and behind the bar at the vast majority of pubs and clubs, so this drink needs little explanation, other than to note that it is one of the most recognisable and popular beers in the entire world, and it can be found almost everywhere that you will travel. Finally, from Australia we have another very famous beer in the form of Foster’s. It has of course been a massive hit down under for many years, but it has made a huge impact across the world, and it currently sits behind only Carling as England’s best-selling beer.

Carling Lager in bulk - Chais cepage - Calais beer

These are just six of the many great and highly-regarded beers that we offer, and as noted we provide beers covering the entire global spectrum, so if there’s a beer that you’re looking for regardless of its country of origin, there’s an excellent chance that we’ll have it! Read more about our selection of beers on our beer page

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