Christmas is approaching fast, and with only a few weeks to go, you may be wondering aloud what gifts you will be buying for family and friends. If they enjoy the occasional beverage, then beer is a great Xmas present to give to somebody, and we have got a wide variety of cracking beers which will make for some delightful Christmas gifts this year. We’ve highlighted some of the most popular beer brands that we offer below.

We begin with our Guinness products. As you’ll no doubt be aware, Guinness is hugely popular and is a firm favourite across pubs and clubs up and down the country. A lot of people enjoy hosting family parties at home, and so it’s a great time for the Guinness to be brought out and help with the celebrations, not only for Christmas itself but also New Year’s shortly thereafter. In particular, the Guinness original and Guinness fes beverages are always a winner, and would make an ideal gift for a close one as part of the festivities.

Carling is another choice that we strongly recommend. You can find plenty of different options when it comes to Carling beers, being that it is a well-established brand and one that you will find just about anywhere. Although people are always open to experimenting and trying new drinks, when it comes to the likes of Christmas, they want to stick to the old favourites, the beers that they know and love, and there are few better examples of this than Carling, which is why you should definitely consider this if you’re looking to buy beer for the holidays.

We’ll finish off by mentioning a few other high-profile beer brands. Carlsberg lager and Carlsberg export are two great Danish drinks that we can provide, and again they are incredibly recognisable and available in shops everywhere. The Belgian drink Stella Artois is another favourite amongst beer-lovers, and one cannot count the number of gift sets that are available with the Stella Artois name. Finally, we have Becks Bier, another very popular beer and one that provides an additional international flare. Really, you can’t go wrong as there are so many great beers that would all make for fine Christmas gifts, and we have all of these and many, many more available here at Chais Cepage.


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