Well, the World Cup is over and done with now. It’s safe to say that people were gripped by World Cup fever all over the globe, and there’s an excellent chance that on at least one occasion, you enjoyed some fine drinks in the sun while watching it all go down. But just because the tournament has come to a close doesn’t mean that the party should stop; why not celebrate the event with some great drinks that pay homage to some of the competitors? We’ll focus on beer today as we focused on Wine in the previous post.

We have to start with France, our French team can often be unpredictable when it comes to their form in these competitions, but who rose to the occasion in Russia and left with the big gold trophy. We have several great brands of French wine, such as Kronenbourg 1664, a crisp, light beer with a touch of grain creating a fabulous taste. In addition, there is the Desperados, and also the alternative Desperados Red, both of which deliver a stunning formula for you to enjoy in line with the success of the French in the World Cup.

Of course, the highlight of the competition for many concerned the surprise success of England, who came so close to securing a spot in the final for the first time since 1966. A fourth-place finish was still a tremendous result given the subdued anticipation prior to the tournament, so it’s a great idea to enjoy some British beer. Even though we needed tissues to mourn their exit in the semis, we are proud of the young English team (we wanted to play them in the final). Amongst the options are classics such as Special Brew and Carling; the Original and Fes offerings from Guinness; and brands which have football connotations themselves through past shirt sponsorships, like Holsten Pils and Strongbow’s Cider. Football may not have come home this year, but you can still bring home some great English brew to celebrate the revived interest in the national game.

Finally, we also have beers from many of the other participating countries, even if they came away with disappointment on this occasion. From Germany, there’s Becks Bier, another brand which has been a fixture of European football advertising for some time. When it comes to football-related drinks, few are more recognisable than Carlsberg, and Denmark are the providers for both Carlsberg Lager and Carlsberg Export. These are just some of the many varieties we have to offer, but whatever choice you decide to make, there is still time to enjoy some international wine that reflects and celebrates what many are describing as one of the greatest World Cup tournaments to date, if not the greatest.

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