Beer gifts are perfect for any occasion, but they are especially welcome during the festive season and surrounding the New Year’s. Who would have thought we would be talking about Beer as a considerable gift for valentines. More certainly for ladies who don’t know what to get you male friend. A simple six-pack or crate of beer can go a long way towards ensuring a great night is to be had by you, your family or your friends. And there is certainly no shortage of great beer brands to consider. We recently covered some fine beer gifts in a previous article, so today we will take a look at some other top-notch wholesale beers that would make exceptional gifts for your loved ones and close mates.

To start off, we have Kronenbourg 1664. This French beer is a great gift, not least because you can find it in just about every supermarket, convenience store, pub, club and everywhere in between. It is one of those brands that everybody knows, and that every beer-lover will relish sampling again and again. There is no such thing as a guaranteed success when it comes to a gift, because people’s reactions are not 100% predictable, but the next best thing is a present that is almost destined not to fail, and Kronenbourg is a fine example of this.


Another very well-known beer is Skol. Originating from Belgium, it is a continental favourite, and this relates to our previous point: you will find it just about everywhere that sells beer, but if you happen to have a European excursion away, you’re bound to see it pop up there too. The more you see a brand, the more you’ll become accustomed to trying it and loving it. Skol fits the bill perfectly in this regard; it has been a longtime classic beer brand, and it will continue to thrive for many years to come. If you really want to buy some great beer for a friend or relative, few of the choices will be better than Skol.

Last but not least, and keeping with the European theme, we have another vintage beer brand from overseas in the form of Heineken. This Dutch beer brand is recognisable not only to those who enjoy a good time, but also those who don’t drink; even they have heard of and are familiar with Heineken, which demonstrates how powerful a presence the name has. You may have seen it promoted during football matches from England to Spain and from France to Italy, and it’s one of the first names that will leave your lips when somebody asks you to name a beer. It’s also one of the first beers to hit your lips when looking for the best beverage to swig on a night out, and so Heineken meets all of the criteria that make up a superb beer gift. Don’t forget to accompany your beer gift with some special chocolates for that romantic feel.

We’ve made some strong recommendations here, but of course the choice is yours, and we have plenty of choice when it comes to beer gifts in our warehouse, which you can call to reserve or visit our depo.

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