The climate is getting a little warmer, the sun is shining a little stronger, and the hats, glasses and shorts are out in full force. Yes, it’s summer-time once again, and many people love nothing more than a fine drink on a scorching hot day, especially when they’re at a barbecue or in the evening after a long walk with your loved ones. But what are the main trends when it comes to drinks for summer 2018? Here, we’ve spotlighted wines, and we’ve picked three out that you’re sure to love this summer.


Let’s start with red wine, which has always been popular with people during the hotter months. There are many different brands of red wine which we recommend you giving a try to this summer. They include the South African Kumala range (known as Cape Red), Paul Masson, Yellow Tail (known as Big Bold Red), Torres and McGuigan Chardonnay. They all cover red wine, but they all add their own cultural specialities, meaning that each will be a little different, making for some good variety, not to mention a great taste for the true wine-lover.


But what if you’re into white wine instead? Well, there are still various options available here too. In particular, we suggest going for Jack Rabbit (known as White Zinfandel), Paul Masson, Stowells (again White Zinfandel), Torres, Isla Negra or Le Piat D’or. As with red wine, each version has its own little nuances which can make a difference, and they have proven to be very popular, meaning that they won’t be in short supply this summer. Not only is it easy to wipe and leaves no visible stain it really good with white meat. You just need to make sure that you stock up on a few bottles in time for your barbecue! Check our beer listing here. Jack-Rabbit-Wines-Chaiscepage-com

Lastly, let’s look at rose wine. This is like the centrefeed and actually really good. It’s sometimes forgotten about, but it can deliver a truly splendid taste, and it can be a great addition to your BBQ drinks line-up. In terms of the brands available, they include Kumala (known as Cape Rose), Admiralty House (known as Sauvignon Rose), Paul Masson once again, Oxford Landing, Cawara, Hardyz and Oyster Bay. There are a plethora of options, but whichever name you pick is sure to be a winner with the guests at your barbecue, making a great summer with friends and family that much better. Everything on the article are probably the best deals on paper regarding wine & beer right now!

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