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Introducing the “De Vere” collection of fine whiskeys and cognac.

The Whiskey and Cognac below are very limited editions and will make an excellent addition for any collector.


Speyside Single malt  Whiskey vintage 1986.

 Tasting notes written by Dominic Roscrow

14 year old Whiskey

Delivered in a Leather bound presentation box.


A touch of apple peel, camp coffee, walnut, some cocoa and
traces of brandy snaps.
This really is a very nice whisky indeed, with a soft and rounded
start and gentle and honeyed at the outset. Once the Highland
malts in the mix make themselves known, it takes off in to the
countryside, with a rustic peaty underlay some salt and pepper
and then late on, some oaky spice.
In quality blended style everything pulls together for a spicy,
honeyed, peaty and gossamer soft conclusion.
This is truly a quality ultra premium blend with enough
personality to always keep the drinker interested but never too
much to grate as is to often experienced with many competitor
Well made, balanced and rounded.
Rating: 5 *****

26 year old Whiskey 

Delivered in a Leather bound presentation box.


Twenty six years is an odd age for a single malt, but a few years
ago a series of three separate bottlings of Linkwood we’re
released at this age, each from a different cask type. Most
Linkwood is used for blending and the quantities of the official 12
year old are relatively small. This, then, is a very rare malt.
Linkwood is a Speyside malt but at this age it twists and turns
away from the original sweet fruity core, and tasting it is
challenging, and a little disconcerting because it takes you out of
your comfort zone. But ultimately it is rewarding because there is
a depth and complexity to it which is not present in younger
versions. A whisky for seasoned connoisseurs perhaps?
Shy at first and requires water and time to open up. It’s a journey
in to an Autumn orchard, with over-ripe fermenting fruit, damp
leaves, some nose prickle, and traces of dusty sherbet.
A recognizable Speyside fruity theme is here, but at first it stays
in the shadows. The taste early on is dark and intense with a
grapey edge, then the malt opens up and a liqueur-like green
apple and plum theme takes over. There’s a delicious hint of
menthol, some light citrus notes, and towards the end pepper
spiciness from the cask comes in.
The medium long finish is clean and surprisingly fresh, with the
rich fruit and spice combining nicely. All’s well that ends well
after a challenging and unpredictable ride.

De Vere XO Cognac


Oak Matured 20 year old Cognac.  Winner of the Asian spirit masters 2013.

Prepared by the world famous Chollet  distillery, France.

Limited edition only 168 bottles available.

Tasting notes written by  Nicholas faith.

Delivered in a Leather bound presentation box.“ A TRULY EXCEPTIONAL COGNAC”