What is a Booze Cruise ?

The Booze Cruise is typically a cross channel trip to take advantage of all the lower  prices on the continent especially beer, wine and Tobacco.

For us at Chais Cepage we are only part of your experience, but we will try to be the icing on the cake.  

The value of the pound may not be at its best, this may have put many off visiting but the cost of travel can be less than a night out.  There are still bargains to be had !  The Booze Cruise should start with a leisurely drive to the coast then travel by ferry or channel tunnel to France.    Those of us  who are not driving may indulge in a tipple of choice followed by a spot of shopping in many of the great places in and around Calais.

To make your trip more enjoyable and to get you the best prices on all your needs  please see our Calais community page.  

Take a bite to eat in one of the many great restaurants we have in the region.  Sample some great wine and relax.   Perhaps a leisurely coffee and cake followed by a good wander around the town. ( If you come on a Saturday the farmers market is always interesting).  If you are staying the night then more great restaurants to check out followed by a trip to Chais Cepage to pick up on all the best last minute deals on all your favourites and possibly find some new favourites from our ranges.  Do not forget there are no limits to what you can bring into the U.K as long as it is for personal use.  (please see our customs page).

Most of all the Booze Cruise is about the day, the experience, find some great bargains at Chais Cepage and return home with a smile on our faces.

Remember we are open 24 hours – so no rush we will see you soon.

And for the rest of us who work cross borders why pay more at home  when you can take advantage of European prices.

Why not try an organised Booze Cruise if you don’t want to drive !