By definition, a strong beer is one that contains a greater percentage of alcohol, with the majority of the entire liquid being alcoholic in some cases. A lot of people prefer a stronger beer as it packs more of a punch, and generally delivers a more satisfying taste. Today, we’re taking a look at what are classed as the world’s strongest beers at present.

We’ll start with a Scottish brewery named Brewmeister. Back in 2012, they arrived on the scene with a beer that came in at 65% ABV, called Brewmeister Armageddon, which is a very significant percentage of alcohol. However, and interestingly, some of their customers actually complained to say that this wasn’t enough. So, around a year later, they launched a second beverage, known as Snake Venom, and this contains an even greater quantity, 67.5% ABV (more than two-thirds of its overall content). This striking figure and the resultant publicity helped to put the new drink on the map, and it still stands today as one of the world’s strongest beers.

Next, we have a beverage from the Netherlands. Holland has always played a key role when it comes to trading and exporting of food and drink products, and this rings even more true with its leading contender for a strong beer. Koelschip have provided a number of impactful drinks, and its most noteworthy beer comes in the form of Start The Future, which has a ABV rating of 60%. At one point, it actually held the distinction of being the most powerful beer in the whole world, and while subsequent drinks have now taken that mantle, it doesn’t take anything away from the strength and taste of this particular offering from Koelschip.

There are other particularly strong beers, although their alcohol percentage doesn’t quite reach the heights of the drinks that we have already covered. Schorschbräu have their Schorschbock beverage, and this contains 57% of alcohol in its make-up. The brewery also has a more stripped-back version of this drink that comes with a not-insignificant 42% ABV, which may be better for newer drinkers or those who may feel that they cannot handle the strength of the former. And then there is Sink The Bismarck by BrewDog, which comes with 41% ABV, which had made it Scotland’s strongest beers until the arrival of the aforementioned Brewmeister drinks. These are just a few examples, and a brief snapshot into the most powerful beers across the globe.

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